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Good guitar resources are hard to come by. When you find them, they can lift your game to a whole new level. Face it, if playing guitar was as easy as everyone says it is, anyone could be a guitar player. The fact is it takes work, and not just any work. It takes the right kind of work. Put in the wrong kind of work and you waste your time. In fact it can actually hurt your chances of becoming a guitar player and staying with it.

I have carefully crafted some very useful tools for beginner and more advanced guitarists and they are now available to a select group. These resources are only for eGuitarCenter members. Most people that try to learn to play guitar have a very difficult time when learning. Examples are usually just a few sentences with no visual aids. What is worse, most of the time, a new player will get lost in the first few minutes. I know because I think I made every mistake possible, just like you are probably experiencing.

Tools To Help A New Guitarist Get On Track

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This build up of skills is accomplished by making your fingers touch the fretboard countless times. The more times your fingers press down and release from the fretboard under strict control, the deeper skills you develop. This is really the only way to play at a meaningful, skillful level. You are learning by doing.

I put importance on scales right up front. I do this because scales will help you like few other exercises will. They can and will be the driving force of new abilities. Your skills in playing scales will transfer into ALL THE OTHER AREAS of your playing. Playing chords will get a big boost from scale work. And when you play songs, they will sound much better. This is a central skill and it serves to create strong, accurate and very competent guitarists.

Nothing increases the skill levels of new players like scales. Nothing! If you play scales for an hour a day, I personally guarantee you will become a guitar player within six months. You will not have to be told you are a guitar player, you will know it and so will everyone else. There is no doubt in my mind of exactly when I became a guitar player. I knew it and everyone who listened to me knew it. That is what scales do and every guitar player should play scales every day (if possible). They will pay you back a thousand times.

But scales are just one facet of a well rounded guitarist. Chords are the other half and learning different hand techniques when you are learning will make them much more useful and interesting. This site has many different tools to use and great information about applying what you are learning. the buttons above will give you an idea of how these tools are so simple to use that you will be able to remove most of the confusion and get right down to work. So click on the buttons above to learn about the different resources. And remember the subscription is a lifetime membership. You will never pay again once you buy in. And everything works together to create an awesome guitarist. And everything comes with Uncle Tim's lifetime guarantee and rock solid instruction. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to ask any question you may develop. We are available both through email and over the phone. We will fully support you throughout the entire journey.